College rules


                                                   RULES AND GENERAL INFORMATION                                         

1. SCHOOL HOURS –7.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

 Detention :   If students  repeatedly get  late to come to school, they will be asked to stay after school on  a given day, after every 5th time of getting late. Parents will be notified. We urge parents not to make  excuses & complain when they receive the notice. Please make every effort to send/bring them on time.

2.  GENERAL APPEARANCE: Girls must wear the correct school uniform and the school tie except Senior Guides and Girl Guides who wear their special uniform on Tuesdays. A simple black shoe must be worn to school similar to the previous pattern. There should be no heel. Others may wear covered white, brown or black shoes or full white tennis shoes. No fancy sneakers. Hair ribbons should be green or black. Finger nails should neither be painted nor pointed.  A simple pair of ear studs and wristwatch must be worn. No extra piercing of the ear will be allowed. No other jewellery will be permitted and they will not be allowed to tint or straighten their hair.  Those who do so may stay at home till the effect wears off. Girls are not permitted to apply Mehandi for any occasion during school days except for a Bharatha Natyam programme.


·   Church attendance is compulsory for all Christian Students.

·   A period of silence will be observed on every school day from 12.00 – 12.02 p.m. when teachers and students will pray for / meditate on the peace process.

·   Girls who are not required to stay on for any school activities must go home immediately after school. No girl should return to the school compound after leaving it at the end of the day.

·   Students cannot change clothing after school in order to attend any classes. They may change only if they are staying on for any sports activity in the school. A letter from the parent is necessary if they change for any other purpose.

·   Good behavior is expected of all M.C girls especially when they are in school uniform, in buses, trains or public places.

·   Absence from school must always be explained by a letter of excuse from the Parent or Guardian addressed to the Class Teacher on the very next day. The Parent’s specimen signature must be given to the Class Teacher at the beginning of the year. No girl may come for any activity or class after school, if she has been absent in the morning, unless permission has been obtained from the Principal.

·   Prior permission must be obtained from the Principal to keep away from school for an appointment, examination or to attend a function. Requests made over the telephone, or on that day, will not be granted.

·   Girls should not leave the school compound during the interval without the Principal’s or Vice Principal’s permission.

 I would like to clarify the position of the school with regard to students taking part in film/Teledrama shows.  While what parents permit their children to take part in, after school hours, does not come within our ambit, we would like the courtesy of being informed and permission being sought, before agreeing to any of them.  With regard to commercial advertisements, we strongly urge parents to consider appropriateness of product and setting before you agree.  While we know there are many opportunities for children now to showcase their talents through the various shows on TV, we appeal to parents to consider whether exposing them to such publicity and competition at an early age, would distract them from focusing on the daily routines of life.  Similarly, we strongly discourage parents from entering your daughters for popular talent shows on any media, where the winner is declared by the public voting in, via SMS.  I am sure you will agree that it would be more about popularity than talent !

 For all cultural/religious shows, whether stage on TV, a simple letter informing the school would suffice.  For all of the above, we would not give permission for recording/filming/rehearsals during school hours.  We would be grateful if all parents followed these guidelines so as not to hinder your daughter’s schooling.  A half day on the day of any religious/cultural program/recording etc would be permitted.

4.  GENERAL WORK BOOK: Each student in the Primary must have a General Work Book. Notices given to parents must be pasted on this book. Notices should be signed by parents and will be checked by the teacher.                                  

5.  TUCK SHOP: The College Tuck Shop is open before 7.30 a.m during the interval and after school till 2.30 p.m.

6.   BIRTHDAY TREATS: Please limit birthday treats to one item only.

7.  SCHOOL EXCURSIONS & PICNICS: Parents will be informed by letter of class picnics and excursions. Written permission from parents is necessary before a girl is taken on an excursion or for any event organized by an association outside, which involves travel by public transport.

8. SPECIAL COLLECTION: A collection will be taken every Wednesday. This money is used to help those in need.

9. SECURITY FEES: Rs.1500/= per year, and STATIONERY FEES (Rs.500/-) should be paid at the school office /to the class teacher before the 31st of January.

10. The school would be very grateful to parents who pay the donations to the Methodist College Education Society for the whole year, before Jan. 31st, or for each term, within the first 10 days of term.

11.  a)  BOOKS: Books borrowed from the school or class Library should not be lent to others.  Any book other than study material that is brought to school, should be shown to the class teacher.

b)CDs, DVDs, cameras, Ipods, MP3,  MP4s,  cellular phones  and other electronic or digital devices should not be brought to school. They will be confiscated if found.

We are deeply disturbed at the number of parents who unthinkingly permit their daughters to bring their Mobile phones              to school on the sly, because of their after school classes and convenience. Please note that we will not be permitting any child to bring a mobile phone to school even with a written letter for purposes of attending classes as we have found that they get into unnecessary           trouble with it. We urge all parents to respect the school rule and to know that it is done in order to safeguard your daughter’s               reputation.

12. LETTERS: Day Scholars should not bring letters for any other girl in school. Parcels or letters brought to boarders by day scholars must be given to the Matron.

13. No person may enter the school and go to the classrooms without permission. Any visitors, including a parent wishing to meet a teacher, or a student, should first inquire at the office and get permission from the Principal or Vice Principal.

14. Parents may meet the Principal by prior appointment only. They will not be able to meet the Principal unless they do so. No school business will be transacted on Saturdays, Sundays and on Public Holidays.

15. Girls should not give individual gifts to Teachers. A gift from the entire class may be given to the Class teacher at the end of the year

16. Please note that food parcels or project/handwork, left behind at home by the child, will not be accepted by the office, even if brought by a parent. This is to train our students to be responsible and to remember everything they have to bring for the day.

17. For those staying on for after school activities, lunch may be brought at noon and left at the Security booth with the full name and class of student written clearly. Parents are discouraged from hanging around the school premises the whole day. 

18. Children will not be allowed to take phone calls home unless a meeting after school has been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. If you need to convey a message to her in an emergency, please ring the school  and it will be given to her. Please make sure all arrangements regarding their travel or after school plans are finalized at home before they come to school.

19. In case of unrest or traffic disruption, please do not send your child to school unless her mode of transport back home is certain. The school will remain open unless asked to close by the Education Department or Police, but parents will have to take the decision regarding their attendance on that day.

20. According to the new education reforms, assessment tests can be given without prior notice to the class. As such, children are advised to revise the day’s work and to check with a classmate for any changes or notices, if they have been absent.

21. The school will not be responsible for any money lost in the classroom or school premises as children have been repeatedly advised to carry it in their side-pockets and make the relevant payments as soon as possible.

22. Parents are advised to have multiple copies of the Original Birth Certificate with them and not rely on the copy given to the school. Should you wish to obtain the school copy in an emergency, a letter must be given to the school office with a photocopy of the BC and the original must be returned within a month.

23.  If your daughter is sick, please do not send her to school as you will only have to come & pick her up again, if she complains of being ill. For any accidents and injuries which cannot be treated in school, they will be taken to the OPD at Durdans where they will be attended to, and parents will be informed. If your daughter takes medication routinely or has any continuing condition, please keep the class teacher informed and send the necessary medication.

24.Please keep the school informed of any illness or changes in the home situation. This will help our teachers to be more sensitive to the child. Confidentiality will always be maintained.

25.If your child is absent for more than 5 days for whatever reason, please inform the school. A medical certificate must be submitted to cover the period, if she has been ill. If she is unable to climb stairs due to  surgery etc, please do not send her to school until she is able to.

26. Leave abroad: Parents are advised to avoid taking children abroad during term time as it disrupts their school work. Prior permission must be obtained from the Principal by letter for leave abroad.