Motto: “Knit together in love and service”.

Colour: Brown

Choate House was named after Miss. Mary Choate who became Principal in 1894. Miss. Choate was at Methodist Collage for a long period of 33 years, 26 of which she served as Principal. She left to get married to Rev. J. S. Carlett. It is interesting to note that she always wore a brown dress – and perhaps that is how the house got its colour.

Choate House Song
Raise the Brown and Green on high
Proudly let our colours fly
Bravely stand we at the fore
Rise we up or fall we low, low, low.


Rally round loyal Choate-ites rally round
Make an effort to attain the laurel crown
Let your sporting spirits reign
Over College, field and plain
Knit together in love and service for the Brown.